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Fall Accessorizing Guide 2017


Fall is officially here! While you break out your sweaters, boots and pumpkin spice, it’s time to start thinking of fall accessorizing too! Luckily, we have a growing collection of statement jewelry with the colder months in mind.

Fall jewelry can really be any piece you want. It’s all in how you pair it with your fall fashion. Booties, sweaters and jeans can be paired with some deeper, warmer hued pieces for a standout, cold weather–ready look.

Below, view our curated collection of fall accessories to get you started and inspired on what to wear this season.

Statement pieces are of course, our favorite. A necklace and earring set can take your look to an entirely different level, fast. Matching necklace and earring sets are quick and have zero guesswork involved. We love staples like the Bella Necklace and Earring set, where the necklace takes center stage, and the earrings accent. The Antiqued Armor Set gives off a more edgy, heavy metal look, while the Indian Summer Set is the complete fall fashion package. But wait! Statements can still be made with bracelets or earrings alone. Our Light Show bracelet handles all the glam for you, while the All Black Everything Bracelet features studs and a more refined edge. These looks can be mixed and matched – so get creative with your style! 

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Layers in the fall don’t just apply to clothing. Layer up your jewelry! The great thing about our jewelry is that most pieces can be matched and worn together to make a statement, but we also have a whole lot of jewelry that’s pre-layered (bonus!). Pre layered pieces like the Pinch of Spice set and the Boho vibes set add the illusion of multiple pieces, while remaining comfortable to wear all day. Our favorite layering pieces are featured below, some of which, we can barely keep in stock! We’ve been seen layering pieces like the Urban Sophisticate Necklace with the Chained Melody Necklace and Earring Set, or pairs like the Two Tone Knotted Necklace with Free Fall Bib Necklace

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Shoulder sweeping earrings and hoops are the stars of the 2017 fall season. Trend to try? Wood! Wood has remained in style for many years and it makes for a great conversation piece. Best part about wood? You’ll never have the same pair of wood earrings as anyone else, and we think, that’s super special. Our picks for hoops are bold, of course. We chose hoop earrings with major interest like the Tunnel of Love earrings in gold and silver. Our Crystal Arrow earrings lend a dramatic feel all on their own, while our classic and best selling Cassandra Earrings make a subtle but powerful statement. 

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