Earrings that pop - Spring/Summer Statement Earrings

Earrings that pop - Spring/Summer Statement Earrings

16th May 2017

The favorite season is finally here, and you know what that means – bright statement earrings to match *everything*. Even better? We have all the eye-catching earrings you need this spring/summer.

Statement earrings alone can really stand out. Head turning statement drops are the way to go. Earrings have a way of making an appearance without feeling to heavy or daunting during the warmer months. Below, read all about our top 5 earrings that are guaranteed to make a statement, while easily matching most of your summer wardrobe.

Eva, our creative designer came up with the statement earring that’s a must for every true mermaid at heart. Highly detailed and white to match every little thing you wear this summer. She knows what’s up. Shop them here

The Summer Empire Earrings are exactly how they sound – bold gold drops with fine details and dainty crystals. Best part about these earrings? They make a great finishing touch for daytime and evening styles.

Our best selling Endless Summer Hoops have a light flare to them (literally, they’re weightless) with white detailing to basically match everything in your closet. As a staff favorite, these remixed classic hoops give the extra oomph your outfit needs.

Our Star Bright Gold and Crystal Ear Jacket is the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble, simply because of the way they elegantly frame the face. There’s something about an ear jacket that makes it forever in style. 

Our Cherries Jubilee Earrings are the exact shade of pink that will brighten any look. These genuine dyed Jade earrings are a lightweight staple of color in your collection. Pair these with a summer swing dress for a look sweeter than summer itself. P.S. Blush pink is the color of the year.